How to Concentrate- Improve Concentration in Studies & Work

Everybody needs ability to concentrate and improve concentration to do anything they want, but most of them can’t concentrate on their work and always keep on struggling.

Do you ever thought why majority of peoples stay at the back and only a small percentage of population get successful?

The concentration is the only ingredient of being successful in life and concentration comes automatically when you are interested in something or addicted to something,

For eg, Playing Games, Or Watching Netflix.

Surrounding influences as more. Think about the situation when you are at an exam in which you are setting are you still don’t even able to concentrate in exams?

Whatever may be till now,You can still improve your concentration like anything, if you religiously follow the given steps you can take your concentration to a next level.

10 Ways to Improve Concentration in Studies or Work

Here are the best top 10 ways to improve your concentration, that will improve your concentration if you try it daily and consider this steps as a part of life.

1) Take Breaks After Regular Intervals.

Breaks to Improve concentration.

Regular Breaks after a regular period of intervals will boost your day, you cannot sit and complete the task whole day whether it be your studies or any other work.

People those who are taking breaks after every hour seems to be more active for next task.

You can have a glass of water after every hour which is your body’s requirement, but we do not suggest checking your social media accounts because it just a distraction which we have to fight to increase your concentration.

2) Take some coffee.

Cup of coffee to boost study

We know that coffee can harm you if it is taken in large amounts, but if you are taking it small amounts and on regular basis, then it is beneficial for you. 

Coffee contains caffeine which is a psychoactive drug which is most selling legal drug in the world, which can help you to improve concentration.

A half or a cup of coffee is sufficient for your body, and if you try it for two or three days, you will notice a change in you and your productivity and energy.

3) Find out interest  doing in the task.

Finding intrest in the task

Finding some interest in work or in studies is quite a hard task, but if you ever tried once or twice then you are quite familiar with it.

Have you ever thought what make video and computer games so addictive?

The fact behind them is that they can so easily accessed.

I want to say you can open it within a few clicks, but this might be not a case with your study or work. 

If you find some ease and some interest within your work or studies, then you will  be able to concentrate in your studies or work

How to find interest in the task ?

If you want to improve your concentration then you have first make your task access at ease.

Whatever be the difficulty of your task you should always think that it is easy your hard work can defeat it whether it be your studies or work.

Once you get familiar with the task then interest towards the task will be generated within you.


4) Get Proper Sleep

Having proper sleep

Sleep is a state of our mind in which our body get relaxed,.

Everybody gets tired after a whole day of hard activities and needs a rest.

If you are not getting proper and sound sleep, then cause might be a from on of the following reasons :

  • You are not having proper exercise.
  • Lack of a proper nutritious diet.
  • You might suffer from depression.
  • It may be the side effect of excessive drugs.

And more reasons.

How can you get a quality sleep?

If you are might suffering from the above problems, which are reasons behind your poor sleep or any other problems which you need to find out.

If you want to come out from these problems, then you can try the following methods:

  • Have a proper diet.
  • Make a proper schedule.
  • By doing regular exercise and yoga.
  • By making a comfortable environment for you.

5) Do some meditation.

Meditation to improve concentration

Mediation has changed life of peoples, Trying mediation for 10-20 minutes a day is enough for you.

Do you know what happens when you do mediation?

You should try meditation daily in order to get your concentration on next peak. Meditation has many benefits, some of them are :

  • Slower Respiratory Rate.
  • Increase in concentration.
  • Calm Mind.

and many more benefits.

How to Meditate? 

Meditation is quite difficult for beginners, but when you become experienced after your daily practice, then it will be easy for you. If want more details about meditation then click here.

6) Kill the distractions.

Killing the Distraction

Distraction is something that can even destroy your carrier, and you yourself nurture your distractions and have a mystery on your distractions.

What are distractions? 

Everything next to your goal is a distraction.

For eg, Video Games, PubG, WhatsApp, Instagram and all those stuff.

All this stuff has no relation with your goals and they are just leachers of your precious time.

How to Get Rid of distractions?

Getting rid of your distraction is not an easy job, but you can tackle it and get to a next level of your concentration power.

Steps to Get Rid of Distraction.

Step 1 – Find out what distractions you have.

Step 2 – Plan something different at that time.

For eg- You can have gym instead of having video games.

Step 3 – Follow step 2 consistently for three weeks.

By following these three steps you will be able to destroy your distractions and lead to a distraction free normal life.

7) Have some exercise.

Exercise for improving studies

Our body always shows positive effects on exercise, and there are many benefits of exercising daily, such as improving stamina, energy, reduction in stress and many more.

Which are the exercise should you do?

Coming about the exercise you should in order to improve concentration for studies and work. are skipping, jumping jacks, and starching, such as standing back starches.

How to be consistent and exercise daily?

Doing exercise is not a big thing, but when it comes to do daily, it is hard for beginners. 

If you want to exercise daily, we recommend you that you must have a proper timetable and stick to that timetable.

8) Find a proper routine.

Proper Routine

Disturbed routine may lead to a decrease in concentration, you cannot start your day without a proper planning which may further lead to no completion of your tasks in the proper way.

You should always have a proper planning for your day, planning your day with a proper time allotment will always help you to complete the task or your studies with improved concentration.

How to bring your day in routine? 

For bringing your day in proper routine. You should follow, given points.

  • Always keep the timings of your having food fix.
  • Always find some time for exercise.
  • Have proper time allotment for every work.

9) Get a healthy diet.

healthy diet foods image

For improved concentration in studies and work, you need to have a proper diet that contains all the minerals and vitamins required for your body.

What should you have in your diet?

Your diet must contain a glass of milk, some leafy vegetables and some source of vitamin C such as citrus fruits (lemon, orange, etc).

What you should avoid to eat?

For your best concentration, You should always keep a large distance from the junk and fast foods such as Pizza, Burger, Cakes and many more

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking – They are not just hazardous for your health but also decrease your memory and concentration power.

10) Maintain a Good Iron level in food.

Iron Rich food

Iron is an important constituent of Hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is an important constituent of blood that helps in transferring oxygen from lungs throughout body.

Your brain consumes 20% of oxygen of your total body needs.

If your food contains lower iron content, then the reason behind your lack of concentration in studies might be the lack of iron in food.

How to increase Iron level in body ?

For increasing iron level in body your food you must have selected leafy vegetables such as Spinach which has large iron content.

Other things such as Potatoes, Tomato Paste and chicken.


 Suffering from lack of concentration in studies will be no more your problem and you will really will be able to achieve good marks in your studies and easily will be able to complete any work by following the above points.

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Sharing good things with friends and family members will help them to develop good habits.


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